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Specializing in SAVING YOU TIME!! 

No one wants to spend hours in the salon.
I use a 10 minute color line that will allow  you to embrace OR cover gray hair.

"Life is too short to have boring hair!"

After submitting your consultation, you can BOOK directly with me.
(EXISTING GUESTS -Additional Time - HAIR)


I began working at a salon in 2014 and became an Aveda educator shortly after. I love coming to work everyday, hanging out and chatting, doing hair, and educating people. It honestly doesn't even feel like a job.
The salon isn't "just for hair"'s all about an experience. 

I start most mornings with Pilates, then enjoy my coffee with a few chapters of a book. I attempt to spend time with my daughter, but that's very rare these days. When I'm not in the salon, I love a glass of wine, baking, crafting, and enjoying the sunshine. I love when my guests tell me their favorite recipes, books, AND any shopping deals!! 

I love the chemistry behind hair color. It's so customizable for anyone, hair color is my JAM! I use an AMAZING color line that only takes 10 minutes, even for covering gray hair. We're all so busy these days. Who has hours to spend in the salon anymore?! 

I'm not a perfectionist, I just have really high standards.

Fun Facts about me

What's your sign? Virgo

Favorite Color? Green or black

Favorite food? It changes with my mood but usually a chicken dish

Dunkin OR Starbucks? Doesn't matter

Favorite drink? Iced Vanilla chai latte

Favorite cocktail? Bloody Mary or Margarita with salted rim

Favorite TV show/movie? Investigation related or Reality/Grease

Favorite animal? dog OR snow leopard

Favorite holiday? Thanksgiving

Can't leave home without? Emotional support water bottle

Favorite way to unwind/guilty pleasure? Book/kindle & glass of wine

Quote - Everything you want is on the other side of fear

Brown Aveda graduate - 2013

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