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Specializing in natural nails.

"Nails are jewels, not tools!"

I'm a sucker for reality tv. Bravo is my love language.


After going to massage school and realizing it wasn't for me (you have to be so quiet), I decided to go back and learn to do nails.

In my spare time, I can be found at home with my 2 sons and boyfriend. I'm a sucker for reality tv. Bravo is my love language. I'm always running my youngest to all things band. If it's summertime, I'll be at the pool or enjoying live music!

What I love most about doing nails, is the quality time I spend with my clients. Most of them have even become dear friends. I also love a great nail transformation.

Fun Facts about me

What's your sign? Leo

Favorite Color? Red

Favorite food? Pizza/sushi/tacos

Dunkin OR Starbucks? Starbucks

Favorite drink? Caramel brulee latte

Favorite cocktail? Captain & diet

Favorite TV show/movie? Schitt's Creek/Dirty Dancing

Favorite animal? Elephant

Favorite holiday? Halloween

Can't leave home without? Phone/Apple Watch

Favorite way to unwind/guilty pleasure? Reality tv

Quote - Everything happens for a reason

Brown Aveda graduate - 2014

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